Health Policy

This document does not address Covid. Concerns regarding screening and cautionary measures for Covid are outlined in the current Policies and Procedures document.

In this document, the reference to teachers refers to volunteers working with our children.

The conditions stated below apply to both students and teachers (to both children and parents).


Fever (within the last 24 hours)

Diarrhea (within the last 24 hours)

Vomiting (within the last 24 hours)

Runny nose that has green or yellow mucus

Head colds

Persistent cough

Sore throat

Eye infections

Uncovered skin lesions or wounds

Skin infections



Yellow skin or eyes (jaundice)


Childhood diseases (Scarlet fever, German measles, mumps, chicken pox, or whooping cough)

Rubella or shingles

Active pulmonary tuberculosis


Cold sores *(Adults or children in the nursery through kindergarten classrooms)

Other communicable diseases

If a parent does bring a child with any one of these conditions, it is the responsibility of any and every teacher or anyone else who notices to let someone in leadership know so that the parent can be asked to keep the child out of Co-op activities until symptoms subside. Sometimes in the rush to get out the door, developing sickness is not noticed. If a child becomes ill while at Co-op, the teacher must let the parent or someone in leadership know ASAP.

Communicable diseases can be brought to Co-op not only by sick teachers and children, but also by seemingly healthy teachers or children who are at the beginning or end of an infectious disease. Therefore, please be considerate of others when deciding whether to bring (or send) children who have a sick sibling. Younger children are more likely to catch and share some sicknesses than older children. Prayerfully decide what is best for the others in your children’s classes. Do unto others what you would have them do to you! What standard do you want others to use? When in doubt, seek counsel from the director or person assigned health questions.

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